New ScrubAir Atmospheric Evaporator Model Unveiled in Mexico

As the chrome plating industry continues to grow, so does the need for improved technology and efficiency to deal with the many complexities that come with the competitive territory. At ScrubAir, we’ve faced these challenges head-on by continually advancing our products to provide the most effective equipment and noteworthy return-on-investment options for our clients. Last month, we proudly introduced our latest atmospheric evaporator model into production at an automotive metal finishing facility in Mexico.

Our latest model—while still fully customizable—displays our smallest footprint yet. It is also on pace to yield the most impressive return to clients, with a quick three- to six-month turnaround on investment. How is this possible? Through effective use of surface area, liquid loading, temperature and CFM with top-of-the-line equipment components and design. Our Mexico client came to us with a need to evaporate two tanks—one chrome plate and one etch—at 100 gallons per hour. We were able to effectively work within their budget and space allocation to design a system to efficiently heat and redistribute liquid chrome back into their system with zero waste and at a remarkably effective use of energy. Within six months, our client is poised to report a savings of close to $50,000 a month.

Most notably, the system is astonishingly easy to use and maintain. Clear access doors compliment a low-profile tank, allowing for breezy maintenance of spray headers, valves, media and liquid observation. One of the main complaints we field from clients regarding competitors’ equipment is the lack of access for cleaning and maintenance. Our clear access doors allow a window into the system; easy-to-remove wing nuts securely clamp the doors shut but require no tools and little effort to remove. ScrubAir’s evaporators are a solid design inside and out.

Atmospheric Evaporator Key Components

  • Kynar®-lined holding tank
  • Evaporator column fabricated from 3/8”-thick Kynar® material
  • Packing media constructed from Kynar® material
  • All plumbing and spray weirs constructed from Kynar® material
  • Vertical (seal-less) recirculation pump constructed from Kynar® material
  • In-tank Teflon heat exchangers
  • Kynar® level probes
  • 3-way Kynar® valve to return the chrome to the process tank
  • HMI/PLC touchscreen and UL/ETL certified 508 control panel operation
  • Completely customizable;
  • Remarkably user-friendly

Our innovative systems are produced at our Chicago ScrubAir facility by the same craftsmen who install our equipment, providing our clients with the confidence to get their line up and running with the crew that knows the product best. For a free quote and consultation, contact us at or 847550-8061.

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