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“Over the last ten years, I have worked with the ScrubAir team all over the globe. No job has ever been too big or too small. A quick detailed proposal turnaround time at a competitive price is what we get every time we have a new project with ScrubAir.  If you want quality work, professionalism, an in-depth understanding of the regulatory guidelines, installation capabilities that are second to none, and a job that is completed on time,  all at a competitive price, then ScrubAir is the air ventilation and air pollution control equipment supplier for you!” More from PriceWalgren
Greg Heilman – Global Sales Manager, PriceWalgren
“Working with ScrubAir was a pleasure, all 12 installation in the last 5 years was done as per scheduled and the performance is A+. The level of organization, fairness and details the brought to several projects was critical to a smooth and successful installation. We look forward to work with ScrubAir on future projects.” More from Polybrite
Tony Bishundeo – Plating Process Manager, Polybrite
“The professional experience during all phases of interaction with ScurbAir is second to none. From initial discussions of project scope, estimation, design and final installation; all ScrubAir employees are a pleasure to deal with. TechMetals values our employees as our greatest asset and providing a clean atmosphere for them is one of our top priorities. ScrubAir has helped us deliver that goal consistently with quality design, installation and economical price.“ More from Techmetals
Nick Fathergill, – PE, Techmetals
“ScrubAir crews are always respectful and easy to get along with. They are always diligent, thoughtful and intelligent workers. They always have their own tools and equipment and have never been a burden to our work schedule. ScrubAir has always worked around our schedule and we have always been able to maintain production throughout any scrubber project. The craftsmanship and finished product has always left a “Wow!” effect in our shops. The work really is excellent. All of our projects completed by ScrubAir have always been done very quickly. ScrubAir equipment is in for the long haul. We just replaced 2 fans this past year both of which were nearing 25 years old. The equipment require minimal maintenance and it can be counted on.” More from United Plating Incorportated
Willie Joe Mathis – Maintenance Manager, United Plating Incorporated
“ScrubAir guarantees their equipment to perform to design and performance specifications, and does whatever it takes to make it happen. I purchased emission control equipment from ScrubAir 20 years ago and I’ve received the same level of support from them in the 20th year as I did when I first purchased the equipment. It is for that reason that I have gone back to them for a new system that will be installed early this year.” More from Armoly
Patrick Bradford – Operations Manager – Armoly
“I would like to thank (ScrubAir) for the amazing Brite Dip scrubber system that you designed and installed for Aacron Anodizing. You met our project timeline; you were always willing to go above and beyond to answer technical questions even to the point of flying out to our plant. … I would definitely recommend ScrubAir to any company needing a new scrubber at the perfect price point.” More from Accron Anodizing
Chris Klein, Aacron Anodizing

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