ScrubAir Takes Flight with Mexican Aerospace Industry

ScrubAir Takes Flight with Mexican Aerospace Industry

By Dan O’Connor


Last week, I traveled to Mexico with ScrubAir Engineer Jeremy Mongeon, where we attended the Mexico Aerospace Summit in Querétaro. There, we were immersed in one of the most exciting and rapidly evolving industries in the region. Companies from across the world converged on the summit, where they represented products and companies boasting parts, machinery, and manufacturing facilities for the world’s top airliner powerhouses—all feeding from an environment ripe with attractive growth options at a low cost.

At the summit, we enjoyed fruitful conversations with current and prospective clients looking to improve conditions at their Mexican aerospace facilities. Recently, we’ve embarked upon several projects within the booming Mexican auto industry, which mirrors the aerospace industry’s growth patterns. Consequentially, we’ve developed ideal routes for manufacturing, shipping, sourcing and installing across borders. So for us, it has been an obvious move into the Aerospace sector.

For nearly two decades, the Mexican aerospace industry has emerged as a home for international manufacturing, thanks in large part to cheap labor and the country’s proximity to the US. At the Aerospace Summit, industry leaders representing companies such as Boeing, Airbus and Safran took mainstage to tout some of Mexico’s unprecedented economic accomplishments in recent years. MexicoNOW Editor Sergio L. Orneals noted in a recent issue that while world air travel grows in excess of 5 percent annually, Boeing and Airbus have received orders for almost 40,000 aircraft over the next 20 years, profiting favorably due to low oil prices.  “And Mexico has been along for the ride, experiencing double-digit growth in exports that will likely reach US$12 billion by 2020,” Orneals writes.

attachment-1As international business investment in the region piques, so does the demand for manufacturing options that follow strict international regulations and guidelines. That’s why many aerospace companies have been coming to ScrubAir for innovative air pollution control products. ScrubAir has a proven record as a US leader, providing local and international businesses with products that meet and exceed the most stringent of international regulatory guidelines. Our custom units—including hoods, scrubbers, evaporators and chrome separators—provide an ideal, low-cost option for customers. And our unrivaled customer service reputation provides us with a renowned satisfaction guarantee in our field.

While global economic trends continue to shift, ScrubAir has remained a constant comfort source for trusted business. That’s why we continue to provide options to our regional neighbors to the south—and reaching as far as China, France, and Dubai. It’s easy to get ahold of us for more information. We’ll even supply you with a free quote, on-site visit and design work. On the road in Querétaro or behind the desk in Illinois, we’re always just a phone call away.