SUR/FIN 2015 in Chicago was a blast!

ScrubAir always looks forward to being at SUR/FIN every year, and SUR/FIN 2015 in Chicago was a blast! SUR/FIN is a great time to connect with friends, clients and suppliers we’ve known throughout the years, and to meet fascinating people from around the globe, see what’s new in the industry, and listen to the current concerns of metal finishers.

To demonstrate the best method available to ventilate the metal finishing process, ScrubAir set up a working model of an exclusive, ScrubAir designed 4-stage hood/chrome separator unit combination with Kynar construction up past the first stage, including a 4-stage hepa filter designed to remove all the chromium mist particulates in the hood prior to entering the duct system! This system will surpass the new federal EPA emission mandate for hexavalent chrome of .006 mg/dscm – guaranteed!

We also had a fully operational vertical wet-packed bed fume scrubber constructed of clear lexan to allow visual demonstration of all working components to see how effective the scrubbing process is in this design. The visual experience showed the intelligent simplicity of this custom designed ScrubAir system that is clean, stream-lined and practically maintenance free; but the most important benefit is that every ScrubAir system is guaranteed to meet all OSHA requirements for inside air quality as well as all local, state and federal EPA emission requirements for air being exhausted to the outside.